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To Shine Like the Sun

There is a way in which the sun shines, and there is a way in which the sun does not shine. This shows a truth about the reality that we live in, and a truth about how we shine, and how we do not shine. And when we understand this truth, we will see that the sun shines continuously, as do we, regardless of what is or is not there to receive this light.

Let's start with the way the sun does not shine. The way we do not shine. There is a wordplay here that sheds some truth as well. Because we do not shine when we discriminate. And we do not discriminate when we shine. Would the sun suddenly stop shining if there were a tree that it did not like receiving its light? Yet how often do we have a project, or a person, or a happening that we do not like? Let me say it again, this is not how we shine. We do not shine based on what we like or what we do not like. The light of your awareness is like the sun. These likes and dislikes, and all the other multitude of thoughts could be seen as the weather.

On a stormy day, the tree may receive very little light from the sun. Yet the sun shines. And it does not waver, neither shining more to break through the clouds, nor retracting its light to provide shade. It simply shines. This is a truly remarkable point, and the tree knows well that the sun is still there shining, and that the cloudy days will eventually give way to the clear days. Even here in Michigan.

So I encourage everyone to take a moment and play the meteorologist. Take a moment and read the weather. I know that life brings many different weather patterns, and there is no shame in the weather. And living brings these many weather patterns of the mind. In wake of the week that you've had, what is the weather forecast for your mind?

Stormy with a chance of STAY AWAY IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU?!?!?!

Cloudy and gloomy?

Way too bright? Far too hot to survive?

Or is it clear?

There is no value judgement that needs to be made about the weather of the mind. No need to feel bad about a state of gloom and doom, or a hot spell of tempers and tragedies. The important thing is that we spend time being the meteorologist.

There may be some people who live day to day, moment to moment without ever looking at this mental weather. They may be surprised by every storm, and equally surprised by every moment of clarity or hot summer day. Then there are those who spend time as the meteorologist. They have learned to see the signs of the coming storms, and as such they are prepared for them. They have learned that the gloomy overcast days will give way to beautiful sunshine. And by practicing this meteorology of the mind, they can find peace and acceptance in any mental weather they find themselves in.

This gives them the peace that comes with surrender to the truth. That the light of the sun shines continuously. And that the light of their own awareness shines continuously. Regardless of the weather.

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