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Benjamin Ripley Jewelry

Hand Engraver, Goldsmith

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The Most Popular Selection

Here are some examples of my best selling style from 2022 


Rue the Whirl





All pieces are one of a kind.
Pieces in this style have been hard to keep in stock this year. They are extremely impactful pieces of art which have been met with a sense of gratitude and joy when purchased. These popular items have sold quickly at my art fairs this year. Some instances where people liked a piece, and came back to find it had sold moments later. Many of my clients have custom pieces made in the style of a piece that has already sold. Click the link below to email me about beginning a custom piece.

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Bridal Jewelry

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings
and Wedding Bands

My clients have found that by incorporating their symbols and preferences into my designs they have received truly unique and meaningful symbols of love with their hand engraved wedding bands. These custom, one of a kind wedding bands feature hand engraving and gemstones set by hand to enhance their natural beauty.


Excision and Illenium


Columbine Flower


Family Heirloom

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Custom Jewelry

This year I made more meaningful custom projects for my clients than ever before.


Four Directions Ring

This ring was made to commemorate a life. Each engraving section represents one of the four seasons. By studying how life behaves during each season we can begin to study our relationship to life and death. While during the summer season we are surrounded by and full of life, we can notice that in the winter life is sparse and we are closer to death. The ashes of the deceased are inlaid in the background of the engraving to symbolize how life transitions into the background when we pass, into the very space which holds us now.


Custom Nose Ring

This piece was my first piece of body jewelry and I loved it. My client came to me wanting a lotus flower nose ring stud with amethyst, and when I sent her this piece she was speechless. She has since told me that she wears it every day.


Fleur de Lis Pendant

I made this pendant for a friend of mine. While working through the process it was so nice to reconnect and get reacquainted with her life. I hope that her partner enjoys this piece for many years to come.

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Columbine Flower

Custom Jewelry

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